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Migrant survey

The data used in this study was collected within the frame of the DFGFOR756 research project on “Impact of Shocks on the Vulnerability to Poverty: Consequences for Development of Emerging Southeast Asian Economies” as a three year panel. The project covers six rural provinces in Thailand and Vietnam. In the third survey year an additional migrant survey was implemented, tracking migrants from the six rural provinces to the major urban destinations, Bangkok in Thailand and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

Survey instrument

The questionnaire of the migrant survey is based on the household survey questionnaire. It had been pre-tested in March 2010. Due to heterogeneous living situations of migrants and resulting difficulties to define urban households, the questionnaire was adapted to an individual level. Sections had to be shortened to reduce the interview duration; the reference period of the questionnaire was enlarged to the full migration period of the respondent. A focus was set on the migration history of the respondents and their relation to the rural household. The questionnaire records

(1) the living situation of the migrant,

(2) a detailed outline of the migration history and locations of the respondent including times of unemployment, education or return migration,

(3) information on wage and self employment during the migration period,

(4) monetary relations to the household for the migration period

(5) shocks (referring to the whole migration period) and risk perceptions,

(6) information on wealth and

(7) a subjective assessment on the migrant’s future plans.


More information and results of the survey:

Nguyen, Loc Duc, Katharina Raabe and Ulrike Grote (in print): Rural-Urban Migration, Household Vulnerability and Welfare in Vietnam. World Development doi: 10.1016/j.worlddev.2013.11.002

Amare, Mulubrhan, Lena Hohfeld, Somchai Jitsuchon and Hermann Waibel (2012): Rural-urban migration and employment quality: A case study from Thailand. Asian Development Review. Vol. 29 (1). p. 57-79. Download