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The second survey wave 2008

For the second survey wave the questionnaire was enhanced a lot (by 25 %), especially in the sections 3 (risks and shocks) and 7 (borrowing, lending).


The interviews

This year the survey has been conducted parallel in Thailand and Vietnam from around mid of April to beginn of June.

Again 5 PhD students from Leibniz University of Hannover advised the local interviewers and assembled the interview data at the households direct on mobile computers. The questionnaired households were the same, to create a panel database.

Afterwards these data were sent to Hannover, where they have to be proved.


Data cleaning

All the assembled data must be checked on consitency and plausability. This so-called data cleaning work again took a long time, reaching into the following year (2009).

In this second wave a dataset of 2136 (Thailand) and 2148 (Vietnam) questionnaires, and over 580 variables and multiple rows per questionnaire had to be checked.

On the second survey wave an attrition rate of 2,3 % (Thailand) resp. 2,1 % (Vietnam) occurs. It mostly was caused by migration of the households.